About me

About me

I love sports! Having achieved good results myself and having mastered additional knowledge, I do not stop developing, training and learning every day.

It is important for me to use my skills and abilities and work with people who are ready to change, who want to become healthy and strong, who need support, and who are ready to make efforts to become better.

More about me...

I’ve been doing fitness for over 15 years. Ten of them work as a group trainer and a gym. I am close to weightlifting, running and exercises with my own body weight.

Since 2015 I have been doing CrossFit workouts, since 2018 I have been training children, as well as doing outdoor workouts.

I received a trainer qualification certificate from the Estonian Fitness and Bodybuilding Association. This certificate is an official state document proving my competence.

Undoubtedly, nutrition plays an important role next to training. And in order to understand nutritional issues in more detail, I graduated from Annely Sootsi tervisekool school with a degree in nutrition consultant. My studies at school and working with “difficult” clients have become a colossal experience for me. The knowledge gained in school and in practice I use every day.

Do what makes you happy! – my favorite moto.

Don’t waste time on empty, unnecessary, boring things. Work with professionals and find your coach!😊

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